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False Nails

How to remove false nails?

If you're wondering how to remove your fake nails without acetone, we've got you covered. Try the following nail removal technique. What you need: the Marion Nails France cuticle stick . How to execute? Using the cuticle stick, gently pry and lift the edges of your stick-on false nails. My advice, take it easy . Thanks to a pose with gel pads and not a glue, this process will not leave your nails and cuticles as fragile and dry as with the use of acetone.

Another way to remove your fake nails is to floss. Yes, you read that right - dental floss! This thin piece of floss can be used for so much more than healthy teeth and gums. This is a solution if you want to quickly remove your fake nails. What you need: a cuticle stick, dental floss and someone to help you. How to execute? First, take your cuticle stick and gently lift the edges of your fake nails with it. If your false nails have already started lifting, you may not need to do much for this step. Then ask for help from your roommate, partner or friend. You will need another person for most of this withdrawal process. After lifting the edges of the false nail, ask her to insert a piece of dental floss under the nail. Gently move the dental floss along the nail in a sawing motion until the false nail comes off. And like that, watch them come off without a problem.

What are self-adhesive false nails?

Self-adhesive false nails , also known as press on nails, were very popular in the late 90s and early 2000s. They are artificial nails, already made; the user simply sticks them on top of her natural nail.

They do not require a long term commitment. For those who shopped on the high street over a decade ago for beauty products, you might remember packs of press-on nails with the classic French polish already painted on or a beautiful bright red. However, the micro-industry has developed rapidly, and false nails are now very advanced and are a "new trend".

Color, length and shape. There are not only pretty short and classic nails, round or square, but also long, coffin-shaped or pointed models on the market.

No more quick fixing. In the past, press-ons were associated with a quick fix before an interview. Today, most of the wearers of stick-on false nails tend to crave for the weekend fun they have planned. Think fancy dress party or a birthday party with long, pointy black nails to complete the look. Press-ons offer the added benefit of being able to be removed in time for the office on Monday.

Why not use fake nail glue?

Glue should never be used to glue your pressed nails or false nails. The glue was not designed to be used on your body and it can be very harsh on your natural nails, which can damage them. That's why most nail glue brands have a warning on their label not to use it on your skin or body.

Most nail glue brands contain etchants that are added to the glue to break down or roughen the surface the glue is being used on. Glue works best on rough surfaces, so etchants are added to make it more effective. But this means that if you use glue on your nails, the etchant will degrade the top layer of your nails, which will leave your nails exposed and weaker.

False nail glue can be very difficult to remove, especially when it has just been applied. If you remove it incorrectly, you risk seriously damaging your nails. In the short term, the glue can be very strong, making it extremely difficult to remove. This can make the withdrawal process difficult and tedious. And in most cases, you'll need to soak your nails for an extended period of time in acetone, which can seriously dehydrate your nails and cuticles .

Why are white false nails popular?

White false nails are a classic for both winter and summer: in summer they contrast nicely with a tan, while in winter they go well with white landscapes.

White nail designs are also gorgeous for any other occasion as they are classy, ​​elegant and don't draw too much attention just like nude and neutral nails in general. You never have to worry about your nails matching an outfit because white nails complement many outfits and colors.

White fake nails are popular and have become a classic option for anyone who wants to keep it simple and stylish . There have been interpretations of what this nail color can say about those who wear it. But what does it mean to wear fake white nails?

Several trends on social media have discussed the meaning of white fake nails, and since it's such a common color, many want to know what they could say about themselves by opting for the natural shade. We look at what your color says about you.

You would think this is just a personal choice, or maybe looking at trends to see which nail color is the most flattering and fashionable could be the reason for this, but this can also be a statement for the wearer. According to trends on social media platforms, if someone is wearing white fingernails , it means they are single.

Are short fake nails still in style?

If long fake nails , in their different versions (almond, coffin or ballerina and others), will always be an essential part of the beauty world, short nails may be a trend that you have abandoned. They were clean and simple, but perhaps not the most daring or exciting, forcing you to go from long nails to social media influencers and Kardashian-like celebrities. Recently, short nails had a big moment in 2022, proving that this style is back in full force.

Short nails are in keeping with the current “clean girl” aesthetic that is trending right now, due to the amount of time spent with her nails. They are chic and have a more natural look than longer styles. People realize that the size of the canvas does not matter.

Are long press-on-nails easy to handle?

Typing on a keyboard. You usually type with the tops of your fingers close to the nail, but with long fake nails , you have to change the way you type and use your finger pads more. The same goes for typing on your phone.

In today's world, women with long nails are seen as being career and achievement oriented. Some of the successful women with long nails include Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian-West, Khloe Kardashians, Beyonce, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Cardi B, and other well-known celebrities. Not only are they successful in their talent, but they are incredible businessmen who are also multi-billionaires!

Long fingernails indicate fierce independence and strength. You are comfortable with yourself. Women like to have their nails done alone. You are comfortable figuring things out on your own. Women don't do it for men. You want to look good and feel good . They have always wanted to highlight their best asset and have the best of the best!

What does the Marion Nails France false nail kit contain?

Developed with passion and love, we have concocted a unique false nail kit on the nail market. Here is what the false nail kit from Marion Nails France is made up of: 1 storage box with an incomparable design, 24 high quality false nails, 48 ​​chemical-free gel pads, 1 8 cm nail file, 1 eco-friendly wooden cuticle pusher -responsible and 1 microfiber cloth to remove any dust.

What are the fake nail ideas?

We all agree that one of the easiest ways to keep up with beauty trends is at our fingertips. Unlike a major haircut or trying a lot of trendy skincare ingredients, changing up your nails is a fun and easy way to play with colors, textures, patterns and shapes.

As the new year approaches, we can't wait to keep our tried and true classic nail colors close to our hearts, but we're also eager to dip our nails into the waters of trend. Always very popular, bright blue is not going away anytime soon. The classic shade will carry us well into the new year and into early spring, so if you haven't tried it yet, you gotta. Pastel false nails are also warm and can brighten up any mood.

The market for press-on nails is going to be explosive. Now that our lives are getting closer to normal and we've spoiled ourselves with DIY nails during the height of the pandemic, people are finding it easier to lay down a full-coverage nail in minutes. The youthful color combination, known as the "milk froth" trend, of soft pinks and browns, is pop with any outfit, and you can even get creative by adding accent hearts and nails.

How long does a false nail application take?

I was skeptical at first, as I had never tried press-on or glue-on false nails . I also thought I was too rough with my nails and they would come off after a day or two. But let me be the first to tell you: I WAS WRONG. And I can't believe I've put off press on nails for so long. After receiving your first kit, you can perform a pose in less than 5 minutes flat. Thanks to our guide, you will be able to follow the pose step by step for a result worthy of the name.

Why choose babyboomer false nails?

A modern twist on the traditional French manicure, the baby boomer nail design features an ombre mix of white, beige, and pink to create a subtle yet elegant gradient effect on the nails. Usually offered as an addition to a traditional manicure or pedicure, choosing a baby boomer design for your nails can give your hands a fresh, elegant and creative look.

But where did this trend come from, and how did it become so popular? And, most importantly, how can you get baby boomer nails without even stepping out of the house? The baby boomer trend has been around for quite some time, but it seems to have exploded in popularity recently. She has become so popular thanks to her clean and classy style. It is a perfect nail design for the office because it is not too flashy which can sometimes be a foil to employers during working hours.

Due to their classic nature, babyboomer false nails are extremely versatile, especially when it comes to office dress codes. It is acceptable for both men and women to wear baby boomer nails to work as it is a formal and minimalist style. The simplicity and elegance of this look allows the wearer to be more creative and unique in choosing their outfits – baby boomer nails go with any color of clothing!

Why try reusable fake nails?

You're probably wondering: how long do reusable fake nails last? It really depends on several things: the quality of the application, the type of glue used and the false nail kit chosen. Based on community experiences, Marion Nails France false nails stay in place for 1-2 weeks. Some had streaks that miraculously stayed in place for three weeks. Conversely, you can only wear them for a few days, for a special occasion, for example. The good thing is that you can reuse the set many times, as long as you take care of it and follow the instructions for removing the false nails correctly.