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The Fond Créateurs Marion Nails France is a compensation program allowing our users to monetize their video content.

Just highlight the Marion Nails France brand and its products on the social networks TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

The purpose of the Fund is to reward our customers who participate directly or indirectly in the promotion of our products.



In order to thank our community, we have decided to offer you the best compensation for any platform and any brand!


Enter the number of views made and estimate your earnings.

Unlike the creative funds of TikTok or YouTube, all of your organic views are counted! Our program is compatible with other platform creator funds.

There is no limit to your earnings : the more views you make, the more you are paid! You can also post several videos each month and it is the totality of the views of each of your videos that will be taken into account.


To be eligible, make sure you meet the following conditions:

✔︎ You must be at least 18 years old

✔︎ The video must be in French

✔︎ For TikTok, Instagram and YouTube: the video must contain the hashtags #marionnails and #marionnailsfrnace and the tag @marionnailsfrance

✔︎ The video must be centered on the Marion Nails France brand and products, and promote them directly or indirectly, in order to share your discovery and satisfaction and make viewers want to discover our brand in turn

✔︎ It is forbidden to promote other brands in the videos

✔︎ It is forbidden to share an affiliate promo code in the video or under the video (including in comments or in the form of hashtags)

✔︎ Our creator background is not compatible with our affiliate program for our ambassadors

✔︎ You can join both programs, but you can't use both programs at the same time for the same video

✔︎ For example, you can use the ambassador program for Instagram stories or for word-of-mouth, and the Creator background for your TikTok videos, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts

✔︎ All rules and conditions mentioned in the terms of use of the program must be respected. In particular, you must send us the code of the video giving us the necessary authorizations for its use and its sharing on our own social networks within 24 hours of the publication of the video.

For more information, see our FAQs below or the program terms and conditions .


6) FAQs

1. How are views counted?

Unlike the TikTok creator background, all organic views are counted without exception. This therefore means that only views purchased or obtained through an advertising boost are not counted.

2. My video was not accepted, why?

Care must be taken to comply with all terms and conditions of the program. For example, videos that talk about another subject or those where you just wear our fake nails without talking about it will not be considered.

You must also make sure to complete the membership form and include the sharing code as soon as the video is published to validate your participation, otherwise your video cannot be accepted.

3. Why do I need to provide you with access or permissions for my video to be considered?

The ad code for the video must be sent to us within 24 hours of the post. This allows us first of all to certify that you are indeed the author or the owner of the video in question.

Secondly, these authorizations will allow us to follow the statistics in a more advanced way to ensure that the views are authentic.

Finally, these permissions allow us to promote and boost the video if ever your video is featured.

4. When and how will I be paid?

Every first day of the month, you will receive the payment corresponding to the amount of funds accumulated during the previous monthly period, calculated and payable in euros.

Please note that to receive a payment, the total amount of funds due to the Creator must be equal to or greater than the minimum payment threshold of 10.00 euros. All transfers to the creator's payment account must be equal to or greater than 10.00 euros, unless expressly authorized otherwise by Marion Nails France in its sole discretion.

When you submit a video through the form above, you will need to choose a payment method (PayPal, bank transfer or credit note) and fill in your payment information (IBAN or PayPal address).

5. Is there a maximum monthly earning limit?

No, there is no limit or cap on your earnings, so they will only depend on the views of your videos!

However, in order to avoid abuse and spam, only five videos per month, per user and per platform can be eligible for the Fund (ie five for TikTok and five for YouTube).

You can submit more than five videos per month to our Program, but only the five videos with the most views will be taken into account in the calculation of your remuneration.

6. Is a minimum number of subscribers required?

No, our program is open to all our users as long as they are of legal age!

7. Where can I find sample videos to make?

We repost the best videos from our community on our @marionnailsfrance accounts. You can also get inspired by our own videos or our tips for a viral video.

8. What is the difference between the creator fund and the affiliate program? Can I join both programs?

The affiliate program is another way to monetize the promotion of our products by talking around you. It allows you to earn 15% commission on sales generated by your promo code, while offering 15% discount to your affiliate.

The creator fund has a remuneration based solely on the number of views of your videos, regardless of the number of sales they generate.

The creator fund is not compatible with our affiliate program for our ambassadors. You can join both programs, but you can't use both programs at the same time for the same video.

For example, you can use the ambassador program for blog posts, Instagram stories or word-of-mouth, and the Creator background for your TikTok videos, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.