Our history


I started Marion Nails France because I was tired of the lack of options in the nail market in France.

The beauty brands I came across were completely outdated, their outrageous prices and the fit was absolutely horrible.

You could tell they were fake pressed nails, the quality was poor. They weren't designed or made for modern women who want unique designs, premium quality, and unparalleled creativity!

With Marion Nails France, we have transformed the stigma of pressed false nails. We are seriously innovating in the false nail industry. It's simple, our mission is well defined: to help each woman reveal her beauty through a range of creativity .



Having beauty as a priority, we dreamed of revolutionizing the market with a unique experience and finding the perfect alternative to salon manicures.

We aspired to catch the current trends to bring high quality and unmatchable false nail designs to young girls around the world.

Would Marion Nails France be the best? Spoiler alert: yes!


In order to revamp the market, we came up with a platform that caters to people looking for high design false nails combined with durability and Instagram-worthy trending styles.

Whether you're looking to be super classy with mattes, edgy with glitter for your next event, or prefer perfectly sculpted nudes, we knew we could design some high-quality pressed false nails for you.

And that's exactly what we did...

At Marion Nails France, we offer a wide variety of colors, shapes and styles. We are constantly creating new designs and trends , which we know you will love.

Plus, our nails are reusable and can be reapplied endlessly!


With patented pressure sensitive adhesives and an exhaustive selection, we combine innovation and style with the latest in nail technology.

Today we make it possible and easy to get high quality manicures from the comfort of your own home.

We view nails as a canvas for self-expression and an opportunity to let your personality shine through . Whether it's a fabulous French hairstyle or stiletto heels, every woman chooses to be unique rather than conforming to a norm.

It's these daring beauties that inspired us to step out of the salon and into a whole new world: one where the nails you create at home can make your beautician jealous.

Through inspiration and innovation, we create accessible, easy-to-use at-home products that ignite the creativity of nail and manicure lovers.

All this for one purpose: to allow you to reveal your own beauty through incomparable creativity .


To have press on nails that last over time, everything is a question of quality and fixation. With Marion Nails France, you don't risk losing your superb manicure.

After ordering your referenced model, you can experiment with our gel pads. Long-lasting, they provide you with a strong hold that can last up to two weeks.

Good news ! They are included in all false nail kits from Marion Nails France.

We provide you with high quality self-adhesive fake nails that allow you to unleash your inner artist, express yourself creatively and share your unique style with the world.

It's up to you and that's how we want it, show your own style .

Of course, you may have to break a rule or two, but daring to be different is what sets you apart from the rest and allows you to realize your wildest dreams!

From the beginning, Marion Nails France was imagined and founded by a daring and unstoppable woman, who is certain that everyone, no matter their color or age, should be able to enjoy top quality luxury pressed false nails.

Like our founder and the girls who wear them, our tough, ultra-strong and dazzling nails are here to stay!

Ready to try them? Order your kit today!